Move Up

Child Dedications

Sunday, March 24
Parents, it’s time to mark your calendars for Sunday, June 12 because it’s time for your student to MOVE UP! Your student will be experiencing all of the amazing parts of Hills Kids and Legacy Youth, but in a new way and for some, in a new room!

Elementary: 1st-4th Grade

The goal of Hills Kids is to make Jesus the best part of a kid’s life! In Hills Kids Elementary, your student will experience live worship, creative messages, skits, games, and small group time with other students their age. Services take place every Sunday at 9:30a and 11:30a at all locations!

The Middle: 5th-6th Grade

The goal of The Middle is to bridge the gap between Hills Kids and Legacy Youth! The Middle is designed for all 5th and 6th grade students and helps ease the transition between elementary school and middle school.

This is a stage-of-life service experience equipped with worship, teaching, games, and small groups! We understand that some 7th grade students may not be ready for main services, this is a service option available to them as well.

The Middle is available every Sunday at 9:30a and 11:30a starting June 12 at all locations.

Legacy Youth: 7th-12th Grade

The goal of Legacy Youth is to empower students to live to leave a God Legacy! As a parent, you want your student to find healthy relationships, discover their unique purpose, and make good decisions. Legacy Youth, the student ministry of 7 Hills Church, is a safe place for your student to grow.  Your student will experience live worship, powerful messages, small groups, and fun monthly events! Legacy Youth is every Wednesday night at all locations!

Small groups meet every Wednesday except for the last week of the month. On the last week of the month, we have an event that students can bring their friends to! Middle school groups meet from 6:30p-7:00p and high school groups meet from 8:15p-8:45p.

Students will meet at Anderson High School at 6:00p every Wednesday! They will then be bussed as a group to our Florence location, where they will experience live worship, a powerful message, and small groups with other Cincinnati students after service. They will then be bussed back to Anderson High School for pick-up at 9:00p.

College Night: 18-25

The goal of College Night is to connect college students through building relationships and building their faith! College Night is for young adults and young professionals. Each week, students will experience live worship, powerful messages, small groups, and weekly events.

College Night is every Wednesday night at 9:00p.
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