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Sunday, December 5

Making Jesus the best part of every kid’s life!

Hills Kids is the children’s ministry of 7 Hills Church.
We have a fun, clean, safe environment for kids to learn about God and His love for them. Hills Kids has designed specific and unique services for each age group and children of all abilities!

What We Value

We want to make Jesus the best part of a kid’s life! We bring the Bible to life through activities and conversations that keep children engaged.

Whether it’s for sleep overs, to play together, birthday parties or to do just about anything kids love to invite people to join them in what they do. Church is no different! Not only do we encourage kids to invite their friends we create an environment where kids get to meet each other as soon as they walk in the room! We want kids to know there are people at church who care about them so children are placed in a small group of familiar faces where relationships can grow.

Kids love fun! We create fun ways for children to learn about Jesus, including games, activities, and singing. When children have fun at church, they can’t wait to come back.

We take a lot of steps before kids arrive to keep them safe. Every toy and environment gets cleaned and sanitized. Every volunteer is screened with an interview and background check. Our whole team — including staff members, small group leaders, and safety personnel — are trained to keep your kids safe.

First Time Visit?

From the moment you pull in the parking lot, you’ll notice lots of friendly faces eager to show you the way. Your first stop when you arrive is the check-in area. In order to best serve you, we’ll take some time to get to know you.  We’ll ask about allergies, make sure we know what your child likes to be called, and collect your contact information. Then, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during service, you’ll see your child’s code in the corner of the screen.  This sticker is also what you’ll use to pick-up your child after service.
First Time Visit

Special Needs

Every child matters to us and deserves to hear about Jesus on their level.  In Hills Kids Buddies we have an area just for our friends with special needs!

Just For You

Nursing Mother's Room

We have a room specifically for nursing mothers to be able to feed their child and still enjoy service.

Comfort Room

We offer a viewing area for families to enjoy service together until you or your little one feel comfortable enough to check-in to Hills Kids.

Has your child made the decision to Follow Jesus?​

This page will help your child better understand His story and what it means to follow Him!

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Luke DiBenedetto

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Savannah DiBenedetto

Coordinator - Next Generation

Sunday, December 12

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