Core Values

Live Recording with 7 Hills Worship

September 28

Core Values

Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are

As long as there are people in our community who are unchurched, we want to find ways to reach them. We want people who do not know Christ to come to church and experience God’s love. We do not judge people when they come, we allow them time to experience God’s life changing grace. We will let the unchurched population determine our growth. We are relentless about seeing Heaven multiplied and Christ-followers discipled.

We are fluid in our methods

We are not religious about our methods. While our message never changes, we know that based upon the times and the current emphasis God has given us as a church, we may need to shift and change our methods to reach people.

We protect, guard, and defend the vision

We know God has called us to lead people into a better life with Jesus, together, and for others. With that in mind, we ask people to stop “dating” the church. Jesus gave His life for her, so we should be committed to the House of God and “put a ring on it.” We act in unwavering commitment to protect, guard, and defend the vision.

We proclaim the solution

We want to be known for what we are for and not what we are against. We know there is sin and we do not put our morals in neutral. But, at the end of the day, unity is more important than the problem and we are going to proclaim the solution and the answer.

We pursue excellence

We pursue excellence as a church and do everything we can to avoid average by providing 5-star service. We strive for excellence, the way we minister to children, the way we minister to young people, our technology, the way we present the church, the cleanliness of our building. We want to be excellent in everything we do.

We live to leave a legacy

When you are a part of 7 Hills Church, you may never preach a sermon, but you do have a platform. You have a gift. You have a calling. We want people to have a revelation that life is short and that the church is always one generation from extinction. We are living to set up the next generation for a better opportunity, to use our platforms as a launching pad to reach others for Christ and leave a legacy for the next generation.

We get to give

We believe that we are most like Christ when we give with a generous spirit. We never look at giving as a task, chore, or religious exercise. It is a joy to give. Our generosity advances God’s Kingdom on the earth.

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