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In, “A Tale of Two Fathers,” Pastor Marcus reveals three things every parent needs to know.

Did you know there is a power you can receive as a believer? When you can’t stand up for yourself, the Holy Spirit can intercede for you. He will stand up for you and pray through you.

In “The Pure Language of Heaven,” Pastor Marcus stresses the importance of us not losing the language of the Holy Spirit. We are people of the supernatural and miraculous. We have to believe that the same God that was there in the early church is still here today. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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In, “How to Live in the Power of the Holy Spirit,” Pastor Marcus shows us that God desires to be in your presence more than you desire to be in His presence. He is so eager to spend time with you, He gave His son. He gave His blood for your time.

What if God has something for you that is better than what you’re currently chasing? In “Partying Without Wine”, Pastor Marcus takes us through Jesus’ first miracle – turning water into wine…and how He can take the water in your life and turn it into something greater!

Have you made a mistake? There is life after your mistake. It isn’t the end for you. In “How to Outlive a Mistake” Pastor Marcus reveals three truths to help you overcome the mistakes in your life.

We’re all flawed. Whether it’s within our marriage, job, friendships, or families – it’s so easy to make mistakes. Did you know that God doesn’t magnify your flaws? In “Turning Loss into Legacy”, Pastor Marcus helps us understand that God can do way more with the ordinary than perfect.

At some point, we’ve all worried about the future. We’ve failed to trust God to protect and guide us through the unknown, lonely, scary or “cloudy” seasons. In “How to Make Big Moves”, Pastor Marcus gives practical points on how to trust God when making big decisions within your life.

Keep falling back into old patterns? Pastor Marcus dives back into our Jonah Series to give us 3 reasons why we continue to repeat the same mistakes.

When you feel like you’ve been running from God, running from your destiny, running from your purpose, God will often send unusual gifts. Check out the three gifts God sends Jonah…an Easter message you’ll never forget!

June 20 - 26