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Pastor Marcus Mecum

Are your thoughts set on “never enough” or “more than enough”?

In “Give Careful Thought”, Pastor Marcus Mecum reminds us that we must be careful when we consider generosity so that we don’t fall into the trap of anger or resentment.

Pharaoh is alive and well as the mindset that enslaves you. He is the enemy within you.

In “Plague Your Pharaoh,” Pastor Marcus reminds us that any decision that rejects immediate gratification for long-term growth, health, and integrity will always be opposed by Pharaoh. Learn to plague your flesh so that it doesn’t keep you bound and enslaved.

Are you pressing towards the high mark of the call that God has for your life?

In “Dream Provokers,” Pastor Marcus reminds us that God wants to bring every believer to a place of maturity and maximum impact. God wants to provoke you into a life that isn’t barren and fruitless.

The best way to handle rejection is to understand that people don’t control your dream, God does. When God gives you a dream, you must keep it on a God level.

In “The Gift of a Dream,” Pastor Marcus Mecum reminds us that we will only receive the God dream when we feel stretched, ripped, and torn. We must surrender everything to receive the gift that God has for us.

You need to focus on who is going to war with you. Who you are taking into battle with you can be more dangerous than the enemy that you’re facing.

In “Contagious Mindsets,” Pastor Marcus reminds us that relationships are often like elevators; they either take you up or they are take you down. We aren’t as strong as we could be when we’re yolked to the wrong person.

Sometimes you have to go through rough seasons to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

Hope connects us to the future in the same way that guilt connects us to the past.”

In “Hope Is In the Middle,” Pastor Marcus reminds us that when our faith has failed and our love has died, we must hold onto hope.

What does revival look like? It’s a return of the Word of God having it’s rightful place in people’s hearts.

In “Bring the Book,” Pastor Marcus Mecum informs us that the most powerful thing that we can do is speak aloud what God has spoken to us through His word. We can renew the spirit of our minds by getting into God’s Word more often.

What dangerous voices are you listening to in your life? Along the way to strengthening our relationship with Christ, we must recognize that every quest will have its protest.

In “The Art of Not Paying Attention,” Pastor Marcus reminds us that it can be spiritual to ignore some of the negative influences that we have allowed to have a voice in our life.

In, “A Tale of Two Fathers,” Pastor Marcus reveals three things every parent needs to know.

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