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How do we truly live a life of freedom? It starts by recognizing the things that prevent us from experiencing freedom.

In “3 Steps to Freedom,” Pastor Kyle Waid provides us with a guide to living a life that is truly free from past hurts and regrets.

Just as a palm tree develops it’s relationship with the earth, we too are called to develop and maintain our relationship with the Lord. As believers, we have the authority to call upon the Lord so that we will be stable and rooted when we encounter the storms of life.

In “The Ministry of the Palm Tree,” Pastor Matt Jones shares with us how we can claim victory in our lives through the valuable lessons learned from the palm tree.

Pastor Luke DiBenedetto continues our Jonah Series and reminds us that God is a God of second chances! Maybe you think you messed up, your actions disqualified you, or your mistakes are too many…. But, Jesus calls you by your future, not your failures.

Special Guest Pastor Reggie Dabbs shares 3 true stories proving God’s presence and ability to do the miraculous within our everyday lives.

Bil Cornelius, Senior Pastor of Church Unlimited, uncovers how to become generous with God, others, and yourself!

We had the great honor to hear from our Next Generation Pastor Luke DiBenedetto this weekend! Every person has the influence to help or hurt others. In the same way, every person can be influenced themselves by someone else. Who are you surrounding yourself with? What decisions are you making? There is a power of influence that comes from those choices.

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