Threat To Others

Live Recording with 7 Hills Worship

September 28

Threat to Others

If a 7 Hills Church Online guest threatens to harm or kill others through a shooting, bombing, etc., the Online Team Leader should follow these steps in order:
1. Call Ryan Burkart at 859.415.3692
• If Ryan is unavailable, please call Haley at 937.213.3602
• If both are unavailable, please text them in a group chat the phrase “SOS – Online Help”

2. Screenshot threatening statements and email them to +
• To take a screenshot on a Mac, hold down the “Shift” + “Command” keys, then press the “3” key. A screenshot will be saved as a .png file on your desktop.
• To take a screenshot on a PC, press the “Windows” + “PrtScn” keys together. Your screen will go briefly dim, then a screenshot will be saved in your Pictures > Screenshots folder.

3. Obtain the guest’s contact and/or location information.
• Send a Direct Chat to the guest to start a private conversation. If they’re unresponsive or ignore the request, try to get this information in public chat instead.
• Here are sample sentences you can use:
° “I live in _______. Where are you joining us from?”
° “I’d love to pray for you. Would you mind sharing your first name with me?”
° “There’s a really cool Bible verse pic I’d love to text you. What’s your number?”
° “We’d love to send you a free book from Pastor Marcus. What’s your mailing address?”

4. Mute the guest.
• Mute the guest only after you’ve obtained their contact and/or location information, or if they ignore your attempts to get that information. This enables us to capture their IP address.

5. Publicly address the threatening statements.
• Let all guests in the public chat know that the staff is aware and that we’re trying to help the hurting guest.
° Here’s a sample message you can post:
“Hey everyone, we really care about [guest’s name]. Our staff is aware of the situation and is attempting to provide the best care possible to them. Let’s all keep them in our prayers.”
• If any other guests in chat are upset about the situation or causing a disruption in the service, talk with them in Direct Chat.
Here’s a sample message you can use:
“Hi _____, I’m sorry we had such a crazy situation here today. I wanted you to know that the 7 Hills Church staff is handling it now and that our team is here to support you too. Would you like to talk and pray together?”

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