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21 Day Digital Prayer Guide FREE COPY There is power in the right habits. The person you want to be tomorrow is determined by the

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Christmas at Seven Hills


RSVP Everyone should have a place to go for Christmas. We would love for you and your family to join us for a multimedia illustrated

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Haunted House

Do you know how to protect your family from a spiritual attack?  Join us October 10, as we share the secret to protecting your home

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Vision Sunday 2022

VISION SUNDAY VOLUME 2 What is Vision Sunday? SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2 2022 We are gathering, as a church, to dream beyond our borders and bring

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Plague Your Pharaoh
Pastor Marcus Mecum

Plague Your Pharaoh

Pharaoh is alive and well as the mindset that enslaves you. He is the enemy within you.

In “Plague Your Pharaoh,” Pastor Marcus reminds us that any decision that rejects immediate gratification for long-term growth, health, and integrity will always be opposed by Pharaoh. Learn to plague your flesh so that it doesn’t keep you bound and enslaved.

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Sunday, December 11

Year-End Offering

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Need prayer? We have a team that would love to pray and believe with you.  If you have a prayer need, please fill out the form below!