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September 28


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When you feel like you’ve been running from God, running from your destiny, running from your purpose, God will often send unusual gifts. Check out the three gifts God sends Jonah…an Easter message you’ll never forget!

Join us for a journey through the lives of each of the 12 disciples, as we reenact a LIVE version of Leonardo DaVinci’s “The Last Supper” painting.

How does a king that “did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord” (2 Chronicles 14:2) become angry and oppressive? Here are the three attitudes that ultimately led to this king’s death.

Stand up and shine bright in a dark world!

You can overcome mental hardships in life by being a Valley Fighter!

If you’re committed to making a difference – this message is for you.

In “Treasures Hidden in the Sand,” Pastor Marcus Mecum of 7 Hills Church shows us what to do when life seems hopeless…

Bil Cornelius, Senior Pastor of Church Unlimited, uncovers how to become generous with God, others, and yourself!

Have you ever felt the bite of discouragement? Of loss? Of doubt? Discouragement can be a serpent… but through Jesus, we can crush it’s head. Pastor Marcus teaches us on how to work through the discouragements of life by simply staying encouraged in the things of God.

We had the great honor to hear from our Next Generation Pastor Luke DiBenedetto this weekend! Every person has the influence to help or hurt others. In the same way, every person can be influenced themselves by someone else. Who are you surrounding yourself with? What decisions are you making? There is a power of influence that comes from those choices.

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